The Field of study al-Ihkâm journal, consists of :

1.      The field of Ahwal al-Syakhsiyah, namely munakahahmawarits, wills, and endowments.

2.      The field of Worship Fiqh, which is a direct relationship with God in the ritual forms (Worship mahdhah).

3.      The field of Mu'amalah, the norms to meet the needs of goods and services in public life.

4.      The field of Fiqh Ilmiyah , namely the results of deduction and induction of al-Quran and al-Hadith.

5.      The field of Fiqh Siyasah, the norms to meet the needs of these values and principles of Islam through political articulation.

6.      The field of Fiqh Jinayah, the norms that regulate the problems jarimah and uqubah.

7.      The field of Fiqh qadha ', ie the norms that regulate the problems of the judiciary / courts.

8.      The field of Gender Fiqh, the norms to meet the need for equality in the relationship between men and women.

9.      The field of Fiqh al-Thib / Health, the norms to meet care needs and health care individually and collectively.

10.    The field of Fiqh al-Faniyah / Art, the norms to meet the needs of creative and artistic expression.

11.    The field of Ecological Fiqh/ Environment: The norms relating to human relationship with the environment.

12.    The field of  Fiqh al-Ijtima'iyah / Social: The norms dela with the embodiment of solidarity and social responsibility