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Reports of high quality <strong>Islamic Educational Guidance and Counseling</strong> research and <strong>Population and Family Planning</strong> research involving any methodology will be welcome. The Journal receives original works from all researchers. This jounal is publised twice every year in February and September.</p> Institut Agama Islam Neegri Madura en-US Edu Consilium : Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Pendidikan Islam 2720-9709 <p>The journal operates an Open Access policy under a&nbsp;<em>Creative Commons Non-Commercial 4.0 International license</em>. 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While the real conditions in the field found students to have a low religious attitude. For this reason, the religious attitude of students needs to be improved. One of the efforts to improve religious attitudes is through group guidance with a muhasabah approach. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of the muhasabah approach group guidance in improving students' religious attitudes. This type of research uses a quantitative experimental method with a one group pee-test-post-test&nbsp;design. Determination of the sample using simple random sampling with a sample of 56 students. The data collection technique used is a non-test technique using a liker scale, namely the scale of religious attitudes. The results showed that group counseling with the muhasabah approach was effective in increasing students' religious attitudes as seen from the dimensions of belief, the dimensions of religious practice, the dimensions of appreciation, and the dimensions of the consequences of practice.</em></p> Ardimen Ardimen Nadia Zahira Silvianetri Silvianetri Rahmat Hidayat Copyright (c) 2023-09-04 2023-09-04 4 2 1 9 10.19105/ec.v4i2.10072 Levels of Social Psychological and Socio-Cultural Resilience of Women in Cities Bukittinggi Through Gender Responsive Family Schools <p>This study aims to reveal the level of social psychological and socio-cultural resilience of women in the city of Bukittinggi. The vulnerability of families experiencing family resilience problems, so the City Government of Bukittinggi established a Family School. Through the Family School, materials and training are provided for women who have families to maintain the resilience of their families. This type of research is descriptive and quantitative with a total sample of 86 people who have attended the Family School. Data was collected using a Family Resilience questionnaire that had been formulated by the Ministry of Women and Children's Empowerment (KPPA). The results showed that the Dimensions of Psychological Social Resilience with the following categories were Not Resistant 12 people, Sufficiently Resistant 73 people, and Resistant only 1 person. For the Socio-Cultural Dimension, 27 people are Not Resistant, 53 people are Sufficient, and 6 people are Resistant. In general, the level of family resilience in women who have attended Family Schools is Sufficient Level of Having Family Resilience</p> Alfi Rahmi Rahmi Mudjiran Yeni Karneli Netrawati Copyright (c) 2023-09-04 2023-09-04 4 2 10 16 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9327 Analisis Minat Karier Berdasarkan Teori Karier Holland Siswa Sekolah Menengah Pertama di Kabupaten Gresik <p>This study aims to analyze the career interests of junior high school students in the city of Gresik. Data collection used career interest instruments based on Holland's career theory (RIASEC) which was then developed by researchers. This research uses descriptive quantitative research. Sampling used random sampling of 476 students in SMPN Gresik city area (Sunan Giri Gresik Middle School with 88 students, Gresik 2nd Middle School with 298 students, and Gresik 15th Middle School with 90 students). The research instrument was tested for the validation and reliability of Cronbach's alpha. The results showed that the career personality type of junior high school students in Gresik district was the highest, namely the social career personality type, which was 32.8%. Next, namely the career personality type towards the conventional type as much as 18.7%. As many as 14.9% of junior high school students in Gresik district have a realistic career personality type. As many as 11.1% of junior high school students in Gresik district have the investigative career personality type. 12% of junior high school students in Gresik Regency and 10.5% of students have artistic career personality types.</p> Mudhar Mudhar Isabella Hasiana Elia Firda Mufidah Lutfi Isni Badiah Copyright (c) 2023-09-04 2023-09-04 4 2 18 29 10.19105/ec.v4i2.10218 Pengembangan Bibliokonseling untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar Siswa <p>Students experience learning motivation problems that come from internal factors, namely feeling lazy to study. The right technique to increase learning motivation is Bibliocounseling because it is a form of therapeutic support through reading materials to help students who have problems. Development was carried out using the ADDIE model. Through&nbsp;four research instruments, namely, a needs questionnaire, an interview guide, a learning motivation scale, and an assessment format for Bibliocounseling books. There are three stages in assessing the validity and reliability of Bibliocounseling, namely testing the validity and reliability of counseling material experts, media, and language. Quantitative and qualitative data were obtained, then processed, then used as a basis for continuing the development of Bibliocounseling values. The validity and reliability assessment shows that the product is made is valid and reliable because it meets the aspects of usability, attractiveness, convenience, and accuracy so it is hoped that it can increase student learning motivation.</p> Eva Kartika Wulan Sari Copyright (c) 2023-09-04 2023-09-04 4 2 30 40 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9462 Cyber Counseling Berbasis Nilai Agama sebagai Upaya Mengembangkan Kesehatan Mental Remaja di Era Vuca <p><em>Mental health problems are essential in the VUCA era. Developmental demands in the VUCA era can make individuals anxious and depressed so that it can have an impact on their mental health. In order for individuals to avoid mental health problems, there needs to be a solution to prevent them. In this study, researchers used online counseling (cyber counseling) based on religious values as an effort to develop students' mental health. The method used in this study is the experimental method, to be precise, the quasi pre-post experiment design. The results of the study show that online counseling (cyber counseling) based on religious values can develop mental health in individuals. Cyber counseling is intended as an alternative virtual counseling model in developing individual mental health and of course mental health as well.</em></p> Beny Dwi Pratama Asroful Kadafi Diana Vidya Fakhriyani Indaria Tri Hariyani Mayya Kholidah Copyright (c) 2023 Beny Dwi Pratama, Asroful Kadafi, Diana Vidya Fakhriyani, Indaria Tri Hariyani, Mayya Kholidah 2023-09-02 2023-09-02 4 2 41 51 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9760 Bagaimana Dampak Burnout pada Kinerja Konselor: Ditinjau dari Kode Etik Profesi <table width="614"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="456"> <p>The profession of a counselor has responsibilities and job demands that require you to remain professional in carrying out your duties. The large number of work demands that must be carried out by the counselor is the cause of burnout so that it can have an impact on the counselor's performance. This study aims to identify the factors that cause burnout in counselors and the resulting impact seen from the counselor's performance when carrying out their duties. The method used in this research is a systematic literature review (SLR) by presenting some of the results of previous research originating from journal articles on Google Scholar so that five relevant previous studies are obtained. Based on five previous studies, it was found that counselors are prone to experiencing burnout due to work demands factors related to different counselee problems and a lack of social support. Counselors who experience burnout are marked by feeling emotionally exhausted then experience a depersonalization stage and at the final stage are characterized by low self-esteem. The impact of burnout on counselor performance from several previous studies has shown a decrease in counselors even becoming unprofessional in providing services to counselees. This is not in accordance with the professional code of ethics regarding the principles of professionalism that must be possessed by counselors in carrying out their duties by respecting and providing the best service for counselees.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Maya Ningrat Nadia Aulia Nadhirah Nandang Budiman Copyright (c) 2023 Maya Ningrat -, Nadia Aulia Nadhirah, Nandang Budiman 2023-09-02 2023-09-02 4 2 52 65 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9289 Kecenderungan Public Speaking Anxiety pada Mahasiswa <p>The ability to speak in public is very important to be owned and mastered by students so as to produce the right graduate performance in the work environment. The reality on the ground turns out that not a few people are embarrassed to speak in public, causing inappropriate behavior such as experiencing symptoms of <em>public speaking anxiety</em>. This study aims to determine trends in anxiety about speaking in front of general students at the Indonesian University of Education Batch 2021. The research method used was a questionnaire in the form of a package arranged in the form of a Google Form. Data processing in this study used data analysis techniques in the form of descriptive statistical techniques to reveal the level of public speaking anxiety tendencies among students. The results of the descriptive statistical analysis regarding public speaking anxiety of Indonesian University of Education students Class of 2021 with an average score of 76.28 are in the interval 65.5 £&nbsp;X &lt; 87.1, which is in the medium category.</p> Elin Maulida Rahmawati Rina Nurhudi Ramdhani Agus Taufiq S.A. Lily Nurillah Copyright (c) 2023 Elin Maulida Rahmawati, Rina Nurhudi Ramdhani, Agus Taufiq, S.A. Lily Nurillah 2023-09-02 2023-09-02 4 2 66 75 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9432 Melangkah Menuju Kesehatan Mental yang Optimal: Program Inovatif di Lembaga Pendidikan Islam <p>Mental health education is an important aspect for students in schools, but is often neglected by educational institutions. Even though students often face high academic pressure, social demands, and emotional challenges, that can have a negative impact on their mental well-being, which also affects academic achievement. This study aims to provide alternative solutions regarding educational innovations that can be carried out in developing mental health education programs in educational institutions. The research method was carried out through Systematic Literature Review (SLR) using the Publish or Perish application as an instrument for identifying journal articles. Articles are obtained and eliminated based on the criteria of quality, novelty, and conformity with specific research themes. The results of this study indicate that mental health education has a significant role in the mental well-being of students at school. Therefore, mental health education innovations must be carried out in the context of developing school programs. Mental health education innovationsthat can be carried out include collaboration between Islamic educational institutions and professional staff, and integration of the health education curriculum with the school curriculum.</p> Rofiqi Rofiqi Iksan M. Mansyur Copyright (c) 2023-09-04 2023-09-04 4 2 76 99 10.19105/ec.v4i2.9237