KRITIK MATAN (Sebuah Upaya Menjaga dan Meneropong Orisinalitas Hadîts)

  • Arif Wahyudi Dosen STAIN Pamekasan, Jl. Raya Panglegur Km. 04 Pamekasan
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Matan critic is a critic that emphasizes to matan that comes from
neutral concept or suspicion to the validity of Hadîts from matan
perspective. Many controversy of matan critic, such as when this
problem is discussed, as soon as it will appear a blasphemy that
means it doubts the prophet’s utterance. Although matan critic
has been done since the prophet’s friends era by comparing
matan of Hadîts with al-Qur’ân or the other Hadîts. They doubted
about it even they refused a Hadîts that was considered as
contradiction of al-Qur’ân and the other Hadîts told by more
capable people. The ulama then covered this matan critic by
using the certain theories discussed in the study of Hadîts
dirâyah. On the other hand, many people said that matan critic is
not perfect and it needs to be functioned well.


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