HADÎTS DLA’ÎF DAN KEHUJJAHANNYA (Telaah terhadap Kontroversi Penerapan Ulama’ sebagai Sumber Hukum)

  • Abdul Rokhim Dosen Jurusan Syari’ah STAIN Jember, Jl. Jumat No. 94 Mangil Jember
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Hadits is the second argumentation (hujjah) source after al-
Qur’ân. However, there are many hadits refused becoming as an
argumentation. According to the perspective of a Hadîts whether
it is accepted or refused, it has three stages, namely shahîh,
hasan, and dla’îf This article focuses on the discussion of Hadîts
dla’îf, its argumentation and also its telling. In this relationship,
there are three arguments of ulama’ Hadîts related to the
argument of Hadîts dla’îf . Firtsly, the argument states that Hadîts
dla’îf cannot be applied absolutely. Secondly, Hadîts dla’îf can be
applied absolutely. Thirdly, Hadîts dla’îf can be used in fadla’il alamah.
In its telling, ulama hadits reminded people who told
dla’if Hadîts without sanad not to tell by redacting which
showed full stability that it was a Hadîts.


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