PANYONARA: Journal of English Education

Panyonara: Journal of English Education (E-ISSN: 2686-2328P-ISSN: 2714-8807), is published by English Teaching and Learning Program, Tarbiyah Faculty, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Madura. It is known as Journal which publishes articles in the field of English education, it covers anything about English language teaching from various perspectives, covering both literary and fieldwork studies. The journal puts emphasis on aspects related to the field of Language of English with special on any kind of problem found in the process of classroom teaching and learning of English, it could be dealing with the method, techniques or strategies used by the teachers in their teaching-learning process.

Panyonara: Journal of English Education, is published periodically twice a year in March and September.

Editor Office:
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Madura
English Teaching and Learning Program, Tarbiyah Faculty
Jalan Raya Panglegur KM.4 Pamekasan, 69371

Contact Person:
Lasmi Febrianingrum, M.Pd.
085831219003 (Whatsapp)


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