Journal History

  1. Tadrîs published by Tarbiyah Department STAIN Pamekasan. First published in 2006 based on the Decree of Chairman of STAIN Pamekasan Number: Sti.21.3/PP.00.9/91/2006.
  2. Starting on Volume 12 No. 1 2017 layout changed from paper size B5 (176 x 250 mm) to A4 (210 x 297 mm).
  3. Starting on Volume 13 No. 1 2018 publisher institution is changed by State Islamic Institute of Madura
  4. Starting on Volume 14 No. 2 2019 the Sirahan title is added into the template of Tadris Journal
  5. Starting on Volume 14 No. 2 2019 the journal logo is changed into a colourful and more interesting one 
  6. Starting on Volume 14 No.2 2019 the font of the article in template is changed from Book Antiqua to Arial 
  7. Starting on Volume 14 No.2 2019 the layout is change from two columns becomes one column.
  8. Starting on Volume 14 No.2 2019 the layout of absract is changed into two columns with keywords on the left side column of the absract.