Peer Reviewers Process

Peer Review Process

The journal follows double blind peer review policy. The article is sent to two reviewers (the experts in respective field) to review the article in the light of journal's guidelines and features of a quality research article. For articles which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised article is acceptable.

The journal follows a systematic review and publication policy:

Step 1:

The submitted manuscript is acknowledged within 12-24 hours upon receipt.

Step 2:

The manuscript/article is pre reviewed by editor to check the content and the suitable theme according to ENTITA’ focus and scope, template, and plagiarism (<30%).

Step 3:

The pre review result are collected and send to author.

Step 4:

If the article is decline, so the author can’t continue publish the article. If the article is accepted by note, the author can revise and send the result back.

Step 5:

The manuscript/article is sent to many reviewers (article without the name and affiliations of the author(s). The review process takes maximum two weeks.

Step 6:

The review reports are collected from the reviewers and the executive editor will send the review reports to the authors including all terms and conditions of the publication.

Step 7:

If the article is accepted subject to modification, the executive editor will send the review reports to the author/corresponding author including a formal request to modify the article by seven days as per the suggestions of the reviewers. The executive author will send the modified article to the same reviewers of the said article to justify the modifications. If the article is again returned by the reviewers, the article is said to be finally rejected. The journal will not proceed with the said article. However, in case of very minor changes, the editorial board may consider the article for further modifications.

Step 8:

The accepted article is processed for publication (soft copy) upon the successful completion of the journal’s terms and conditions.  

Step 9:

Proof Reading. The executive editor will send the processed article for publication (MS Word) to the author/corresponding author for proof reading.

Step 10:

The article is published online first. The executive editor will notify the author/corresponding author about online publication with necessary download link. The author/corresponding author may request for any correction in published article (in case of extremely important changes) within one week of online publication.

Step 11:

The journal is published in print within one until two weeks of online publication.